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The reality is that Congolese parents are responsible for their children's education from the age of three to their high school graduation, college, etc. We also know that majority of Congolese families live in poverty with monthly income less than one hundred dollars. This situation affects many students' ability to finish their educations and become what they have dreamed to be. 

We created this project to help qualified students who are facing financial difficulties to pursue their educations.


We Need You is calling people, Congolese and other, to come and put together fund to create scholarship to help at least one of these student per month to make their dreams come true.

Knowing than with your help we can bring light to someone's future. 

Please, join us to make this change because together we can do this. WE NEED YOU!

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 Second Family/Mentoring 


Children need to have guidance, and when there is no one in family or community who is playing a good role models​ for these young children unexpected situations may affect this students' future. 

This project is created to connect Congolese children (from age 10 to 25) with people who will be able to provide them with positive advice and leadership.


Please contact us to become one of our mentors to bring smile in these children's life.

Thank you very much for being one of us!



Scholarship Opportunities

Many Congolese students are looking for opportunities to pursue their higher education abroad but they no idea about how and where to start. 

WE NEED YOU will work hard to collect information about possible scholarships available to those who wants to apply, and publish them through our website here and our social media (Facebook, etc.).  So please feel free to follow us on Facebook and share any possible scholarship information.

If you think this is something you can do, please contact us and we really appreciate your help.

Thank you!



We Need You-Award Competition​

Our program will organize bi-monthly award completion through our social media account page to motivate Congolese students to learn about specific subject and the winner(s) will receive a fund to help them pay for their school tuition. 


Report information about this competition and winner(s) will be posted on We Need You's website as well.  




Online Workshop or Conference


Lastly but most importantly, We Need You will also be posting workshop (live or videos) about subjects to motivate Congolese students to build up their self-esteem, and understand how to become leaders of their communities in order to make changes in the Congolese society today as well as in the future.

We are in need of volunteer who want to donate their times to give motivational speech in specific subjects to help these young people understand what, how, when, who, and why it is important to them. 

So, Please contact us with the subject and your availability to be on life or just send us a video that we will post. Please not politics.

Thank you!

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